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Fizik Gravita Tensor

Fizik Gravita Tensor
  • Color: Black/Black
  • Color: Gray/Aqua Marine
$204.99 - $219.99
Color: Black/Black
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A robust, lightweight, form-fitting gravity mountain biking shoe that's ready to race.

When setting out to develop a race-ready gravity MTB shoe, the feedback we received from top professional athletes was pretty clear: both downhill and enduro racers alike desire a protective and durable shoe to enhance bike control through the pedals.

But beyond control, they also wanted the lightweight performance and precise fit found in a more performance- oriented pair, a combination lacking in most shoes for gravity mountain biking. So we went to the drawing board to create a unicorn: A lightweight and nimble, yet rugged, racing shoe that checks all the boxes desired by competition-leading downhill and enduro MTB riders.

Let's start with the outsole. Together with your hands on the handlebar, feet are a crucial point of contact when it comes to bike control. The Gravita outsole provides the type of shoe-to-pedal interface you need for fast and aggressive gravity riding, combining the stickiest Vibram XS Trek Evo rubber compound with a specific zonal lug pattern. A low-profile tapered tread pattern positioned at the mid-foot allows for an immediate connection and optimal mechanical interface with the pedal pins, while under the heel and toes, a deeper, sharper tread provides better ground traction when hiking back up the hill.

This clip-in version is stiffer than its flat counterpart for better power transfer through the entire pedal stroke, improving pedaling efficiency. Featuring an extended cleat track, the clip-in version enables you to run your cleats further back to allow for dropped heels on descents to improve both stability and control, just as you would when riding flats pedals.

Both downhill and enduro racing stand out for their short, intense and powerful pedal strokes, whether sprinting out of the start gate or approaching the finish line. Providing proper foot tension and fit is essential to effectively transfer every useful watt of power generated. To avoid wasting watts, we leveraged our decades of design experience and knowledge in creating properly fitting cycling shoes. For the Tensor, we developed an ergonomic lace-up pattern that cradles the foot and spreads tension evenly throughout the pedal stroke. A Powerstrap over the instep secures the fit, stabilizing the plantar arch and locking the heel in place while also keeping laces in check.

Intentional engineering went into stripping weight and eliminating the excess material that would otherwise lead to the bulky look and sloppy fit of typical gravity shoes. To avoid this, the Tensor features a slim silhouette and minimal weight provided through the use of innovative rip-stop outer fabrics and an inner lining that is far less absorbent than traditional alternatives.

In addition to these durable and hard-wearing fabrics, our gravity racing shoe is equipped with the essential protection demanded by fast and rowdy riding: an injection-molded TPU armored toe-box wards off rocks and debris while the raised inner-ankle profile and a robust laminated scuff guard protect along high-wear areas.

- Ripstop fabric + TPU reinforcements upper
- Laces + instep velcro closure
- X6 outsole – nylon shank, EVA midsole, Vibram XS TREK EVO tread
- Outsole stiffness index 5
- Weight: 410 g (size 42- 1/2 pair)
- Sizes: 36-48 (37 to 47 also in half sizes)
- Gravita: gravity series, designed to take you down the mountain, fast and in control
- Intended use: Downhill, Enduro

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN Store SKU
Black/Black / 36 08058364084855 GRX6TTC1C1010-360
Black/Black / 37 08058364084862 GRX6TTC1C1010-370
Black/Black / 37.5 08058364084879 GRX6TTC1C1010-375
Black/Black / 38 08058364084886 GRX6TTC1C1010-380
Black/Black / 38.5 08058364084893 GRX6TTC1C1010-385
Black/Black / 39 08058364084909 GRX6TTC1C1010-390
Black/Black / 39.5 08058364084916 GRX6TTC1C1010-395
Black/Black / 40 08058364084695 GRX6TTC1C1010-400
Black/Black / 40.5 08058364084701 GRX6TTC1C1010-405
Black/Black / 41 08058364084718 GRX6TTC1C1010-410
Black/Black / 41.5 08058364084725 GRX6TTC1C1010-415
Black/Black / 42 08058364084732 GRX6TTC1C1010-420
Black/Black / 42.5 08058364084749 GRX6TTC1C1010-425
Black/Black / 43 08058364084756 GRX6TTC1C1010-430
Black/Black / 43.5 08058364084763 GRX6TTC1C1010-435
Black/Black / 44 08058364084770 GRX6TTC1C1010-440
Black/Black / 44.5 08058364084787 GRX6TTC1C1010-445
Black/Black / 45 08058364084794 GRX6TTC1C1010-450
Black/Black / 45.5 08058364084800 GRX6TTC1C1010-455
Black/Black / 46 08058364084817 GRX6TTC1C1010-460
Black/Black / 46.5 08058364084824 GRX6TTC1C1010-465
Black/Black / 47 08058364084831 GRX6TTC1C1010-470
Black/Black / 48 08058364084848 GRX6TTC1C1010-480
Gray/Aqua Marine / 36 08058364085319 GRX6TTC1C7048-360
Gray/Aqua Marine / 37 08058364085326 GRX6TTC1C7048-370
Gray/Aqua Marine / 37.5 08058364085333 GRX6TTC1C7048-375
Gray/Aqua Marine / 38 08058364085340 GRX6TTC1C7048-380
Gray/Aqua Marine / 38.5 08058364085357 GRX6TTC1C7048-385
Gray/Aqua Marine / 39 08058364085364 GRX6TTC1C7048-390
Gray/Aqua Marine / 39.5 08058364085371 GRX6TTC1C7048-395
Gray/Aqua Marine / 40 08058364085159 GRX6TTC1C7048-400
Gray/Aqua Marine / 40.5 08058364085166 GRX6TTC1C7048-405
Gray/Aqua Marine / 41 08058364085173 GRX6TTC1C7048-410
Gray/Aqua Marine / 41.5 08058364085180 GRX6TTC1C7048-415
Gray/Aqua Marine / 42 08058364085197 GRX6TTC1C7048-420 210000008466
Gray/Aqua Marine / 42.5 08058364085203 GRX6TTC1C7048-425
Gray/Aqua Marine / 43 08058364085210 GRX6TTC1C7048-430
Gray/Aqua Marine / 43.5 08058364085227 GRX6TTC1C7048-435
Gray/Aqua Marine / 44 08058364085234 GRX6TTC1C7048-440 210000007686
Gray/Aqua Marine / 44.5 08058364085241 GRX6TTC1C7048-445
Gray/Aqua Marine / 45 08058364085258 GRX6TTC1C7048-450
Gray/Aqua Marine / 45.5 08058364085265 GRX6TTC1C7048-455
Gray/Aqua Marine / 46 08058364085272 GRX6TTC1C7048-460
Gray/Aqua Marine / 46.5 08058364085289 GRX6TTC1C7048-465
Gray/Aqua Marine / 47 08058364085296 GRX6TTC1C7048-470
Gray/Aqua Marine / 48 08058364085302 GRX6TTC1C7048-480